Modern Filter Systems for Passenger Cars

Modern Filter Systems for Passenger Cars
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Georg Blank

The author provides a technical classification of oil, fuel, air, cabin air and special filters and describes the functions of each of these. The brochure focuses on the different filter media used, as well as the design and filtration tasks of the various filters. The brochure also goes into detail about the integration of filter and fluid management modules in the whole vehicle. In the section dedicated to practical aspects in the workshop, the author provides information about correct installation, replacement and disposal. The brochure is rounded off with background knowledge about filter production and quality control.


  • Filter Media and Fields of Application
  • Oil Filtration (spin-on filters, oil filter inserts/modules, fluid management modules)
  • Fuel Filtration (diesel filters, gasoline filters, differences)
  • Air Filters, Cabin Air Filter, Transmission Fluid Filters
  • Special Applications – Separators, Oil Mist Separators / Crankcase Ventilation
  • AdBlue Filters, Tank Ventilation System, Metal Mesh Filters
  • Quality Management/Production
  • Example of an Engine Oil and Filter Change on a Golf 7
  • Disposal of Oil Filters/Tools/Equipment
  • A Quick Look: Filter Technology for Trucks
  • Protection against Counterfeit Products / Sales Arguments for Automotive Service Professionals

Voices to the book:

“Modern filter systems are playing an increasingly crucial role in vehicle technology. Filter systems are now required to protect the performance of the engine and the transmission, all while requiring increasingly smaller installation space and ensuring compliance with the emission limits. For example, fuel filters are often neglected by customers. There are also cabin air filters that provide fresh air to the vehicle interior. This brochure is the first publication to successfully present the topic of “filters” in a comprehensive, concise and practical way.
Walter Mayer, Owner and Managing Director of Automobile Walter Mayer KG in Aschau im Chiemgau

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27,50 €